Gkwebdesign is at your disposal in the Management of your Domain Names!

Domain Name

The Domain Name, unique identifier is the address of the website on Internet. It is thus the textual address enabling easy access to a website. The strategic character of the domain name for your company is recognized, as a Trade Name, as it enables to vehiculate your image on Internet.

Reservation of a Domain Name

It is very important to verify the availability of a Domain Name, in the available divers’ extensions (.cm, .com, .fr, .lu, .de, .net...). It is equally advised to check that the Domain Name chosen does not interfere with any other trade name or commercial denomination. In the contrary, the depositor of the domain name risk suing by the proprietor of the Trade Name for smuggling.

The cost of a Domain Name

The cost of a domain name is included in the cost of the annual hosting. In order to protect your trade name and positioning in research results, it seems judicious to book for many domain names of divers’ extensions.

Our rates on demand.

Properties of the Domain Name

The acquisition of a domain name is done at the level of a registrar. The latter remains your property if the annual dues are paid within the time limit. You run the risk of losing it or worse to the benefit of another company.

In order to avoid running into such issues, Gkwebdesign takes the responsibility of managing your domain name. The depositing of your domain name is declared in your name or that of your company at the registrar. The verification of the deposition is done on the «Whois» basis that enables you to be identified as the unique proprietor of the domain name. Gkwebdesign thus remains the technical contact of the registrar insuring the management of DNS and all other technical aspects.